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Update On Traffic Management In West Lulworth news

Traffic Management

You may have noticed the arrival of some yellow parking signs on the road between West Lulworth and Durdle Door. These have recently been put in place by the Highways Authority as a temporary measure.

This is because at busy times of the year the road from West Lulworth to Durdle Door has become restricted by parked cars, reducing the width of the highway to a single lane and limiting access for other road users and emergency vehicles.

Since last August Bank Holiday, the Lulworth Estate has been working with the Highway Authority, Dorset County Council and the Parish Council to install double yellow lines to prevent this occurring in the future and the County Council have commenced a consultation which we hope will be completed in time for this year’s summer season. As a temporary measure, the Highway Authority has erected a series of signs notifying drivers of the need to keep the road clear with the Council’s Parking Enforcement Officers patrolling during busy periods.

The Lulworth Estate has put in place measures to ensure that cars are able to leave the highway quickly and park at both Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove, but during 2017 visitors experienced difficulties in reaching both sites because of inconsiderate parking.

Future updates on traffic management will be shared on the website.