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Further Education


Further Education

Lulworth is an ideal case study for students on PGCE, countryside management, ecology and leisure and tourism courses. Topics that can be covered include planning and leading field trips, chalk grassland and heathland management, agri-environment schemes, tourism and sustainability, heritage interpretation, conservation designations and access management.

The Rangers offer bespoke presentations and guided walks to groups. They also provide support and advice for students completing dissertations and research projects and can provide work experience opportunities. If you are planning independent research on the Estate, please contact the Education team for permission and guidance.


Drawing on years of experience gained through running the successful education service at Lulworth and a broad knowledge of outdoor education, the Rangers run a course for trainee teachers on how to plan and prepare a successful field visit.  There is an introduction to field studies and a look at the importance and planning of outdoor education, risk management and teaching techniques in the outdoors. Field sketching and/or practical data collection can also be included.  For further information and to discuss your requirements please contact the Rangers on 01929 400155 or email:

Countryside Management

For countryside management students the area around Lulworth has much to offer.  The Lulworth Rangers are responsible for the habitat management of 12,000 acres of land including nationally important chalk grassland.  Visiting students will benefit from a guided tour of key wildlife habitats with the rangers that manage them and can take part in practical tasks, such as scrub removal and basic habitat mapping.  All tools and equipment are provided and sessions can be tailored to suit individual group requirements.

For more information on education services and courses and to discuss or book a session, please call the Rangers on 01929 400155 or email: