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Estate Management & Conservation

The Estate

Conservation & Ecology

The Lulworth Estate has a wide variety of habitats ranging from mixed farmland, downland, and heathland to lichen rich woods and parkland.  Many of the areas are designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Rare species abound, with Lulworth Skipper butterflies, many orchid varieties and birds such as Dartford Warblers and Corn Buntings.

Conservation Grazing

We use hardy livestock for their ability to eat coarse grasses and scrub. Miles of new fencing have allowed some sites to be grazed for the first time in decades. Investment in our wildlife sites has already produced an increase in biodiversity.

Scientific Studies

Each year the project employs a team of recently qualified ecology graduates to survey wildlife. Their skills and enthusiasm benefit the project enormously, whilst they leave with a wealth of experience and an enriched C.V. We use the results of scientific surveys to drive management decisions.