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Lulworth Castle Weddings

Wedding, engagement & proposal photography on the Lulworth Estate

The Lulworth Estate policy on wedding, engagement and proposal photography is as follows:

Couples photoshoots in wedding attire at Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door & Lulworth Castle are limited to Lulworth Weddings clients only.

Couples photography of engagements and proposals at the Castle in non-wedding attire are limited to Lulworth Weddings clients only.

The use of drones is not permitted anywhere on the Lulworth Estate.

Couples photography of engagement and proposals at Lulworth Cove & Durdle Door in non-wedding attire do not require a license and are not subject to a fee but your photographer does require permission from the Estate with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.

For applications for engagement or proposal shoots in non-wedding attire please complete the form below.

Applications are not approved until a letter of permission has been issued from the Lulworth Estate.

All car park charges apply and the Lulworth Estate do not guarantee availability of parking particularly in summer months.

Photoshoots must NOT include stunts, elaborate props, glass, fire of any type including fireworks, soft props including but not limited to plastic flowers/hearts/glitter.

  • I am the official photographer for a couples private photoshoot in non-wedding attire. I will not be using these images for commercial gain, they will not appear on my website or in print.
    Any images used on my business social media will be tagged with @lulworthweddings and @lulworthestate
  • I have RAMS and PL indemnity to at least £15m which the Estate can view on request

Risk Assessment Guidance

This is a countryside location and sturdy footwear is advised, access to Lulworth Cove (5 mins) and Durdle Door (20 mins) is on foot only.