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Lulworth Cove

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A cliff fall occurred on 18/2/2024 at Lulworth Cove, Dorset. Two small cliff falls preceded one significant fall, which has blocked the beach about halfway round.

Please exercise caution at both the base and summit of the cliffs in the area and verify the tide schedule to prevent inadvertently endangering yourself. This advice applies to all coastal areas on the Jurassic Coast, especially areas where there are steep cliffs. Thank you.

Travel to Lulworth Cove

Set SATNAV postcode to BH20 5RQ for Lulworth Cove, West Lulworth, Wareham, Dorset

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A Tramper mobility scooter, accessible parking and accessible toilets are all available on site.


Breathtaking Scenery & Blue Seas

Formed by the combined forces of the sea and a river swollen by melting ice at the end of the last Ice Age. Lulworth Cove is world famous for its unique geology and landforms including the Lulworth Crumple and Stair Hole.

Open every day, we welcome thousands of people each year who come to enjoy the panoramic views and crystal clear waters on this stretch of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. From rock-pooling and watersports, to walking, coasteering or just relaxing with an ice cream, this is a must-visit destination on the Dorset Coast.

Unique Geology & Landforms

Lulworth is considered one of the best places in the world to study geology with its amazing landforms and five types of rock.

Lulworth Rocks

Flora & Fauna

The Lulworth Estate is rich in wildlife. Thanks to years of considerate and planned farming, and the diverse landscape and rock types, we are home to all sorts of wonderful animals, plants and insects. Some of which can only be found in this very special place.



Here at Lulworth, we work with countryside mobility to provide safe and enjoyable access to Lulworth Cove and Stair Hole. If you would like to book the use of our off-road mobility scooter, please call the visitor centre on 01929 400587.

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