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About The Estate

The Weld Family

The Lulworth Estate extends over 12,000 acres (20 square miles) of the south Dorset countryside, including 5 miles of the Jurassic Coast and internationally renowned landmarks such as Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. Lulworth’s estate pedigree can go back as far as Doomsday times in the 11th century and beyond, and, since 1641, it has been owned and managed by the Weld family.

A Modern, Private Estate

Although, traditionally an agricultural estate, Lulworth has been an innovator in diversification, being one of the first to recognise rural tourism, opening its doors to visitors in the early years of the twentieth century with the establishment of a holiday park, parking and coastal footpaths. Our pioneering initiatives encompass all our activities, farming, tourism, employment, housing and access, our built and natural heritage and even providing the first live tank firing range.

Our environmental management now covers nearly 30% of the Estate, both publicly and privately funded, land not managed for commercial gain, but for the protection and enhancement of the abundance of the natural heritage. Our ethos has always been to endeavour to maintain and improve the widest possible variety of habitats to maximise both the flora and fauna found on the Estate. We can boast about having more than 60% of British butterflies and even have one of our own, the Lulworth Skipper.

We have never forgotten our farming roots, the Lulworth Estate producing more than 25,000,000 litres of milk each year, much of which is destined for Marks & Spencer; if you buy your fresh milk from their food halls, you may be drinking milk from Lulworth.

Lulworth endeavours to manage an efficient modern business whilst retaining the best of the traditional values of a rural estate and is directly managed by James Weld and his wife, Sara.

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