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Honeypot Tourism

Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to the area each year bringing both benefits and challenges to how the area is managed.

Learn about the human impact and sustainable management solutions used in this rural setting.

Multimedia introductory presentation: £55.00 (approx. 50 mins)
Half day tour: £4.50 per student (approx. 2 hours)
Full day tour: £6.75 per student (approx. 4½ hours)

Why Is Lulworth Such A Great Place To Study Tourism?

• Up to 750,000 visitors per year England’s first and only natural UNESCO World Heritage Site
• Seven legal designations protecting Lulworth including SSSI, AONB, SAMs & WHS
• Most heavily walked mile of the 630 mile South West Coast Path
• 54 listed buildings
• Accommodation for 3200 beds in a village of only 714 annual residents