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Lulworth Rangers


Call the Lulworth Rangers: 01929400155

The Lulworth Rangers

The Lulworth Rangers team are the friendly faces you'll meet at the Visitor Centre and across the Estate . As well as providing all visitor services, they also manage the Estate's conservation, ecology and access programmes, and run our highly-respected education and outdoor activities.


Wildlife, woodland and coastal, our conservation programme encourages and protects the amazing biosytem we have here. At the same time it helps to protect and nurture countryside skills and sites.

Managing Access

The Estate has over 100km of footpaths, bridal path and public access. The rangers enjoy stunning views of this beautiful place as they keep access routes easily accessible, safe and monitored.

Adventure Activities

From coasteering and mountain biking, to wildlife walks and team building days, this experienced team offers a different view to this breathtaking landscape. With most equipment provided - if you're here, you must give one of these activities a go...

Learning At Lulworth

Lulworth is recognised as one of the best places in the UK to study coastal processes, geology, ecology and tourism. Its dramatic scenery helps to tell the story of 185 million years of the Earth’s history.