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The Lulworth Estate Calls for Visitors to Help Keep Lulworth Litter Free news

The Lulworth Estate Calls for Visitors to Help Keep Lulworth Litter Free

As an ever-popular tourist destination, the number of visitors to Lulworth rises every year as we welcome people from all corners of the globe. Unfortunately, with this rise comes an increase in the amount of rubbish which is left, and the Lulworth Estate is appealing to the general public to play their part in keeping this iconic part of Britain tidy.

After the recent spell of hot weather and with the summer holidays well underway, the Estate is welcoming over 10,000 visitors a day. James Weld, from the Lulworth Estate explained: “Sadly with the increase in visitor numbers comes an increase in the amount of litter that is left behind for us to manage. During July alone, over 13 tonnes of rubbish was removed from our beaches, car parks and surrounding areas. This takes up to five hours a day, seven days a week to do, and as you can see from recent press articles there aren’t enough man-hours in the day to keep the waste under control.”

The code of practice for the Estate is to take your litter home; however, visitors need to be aware that if they leave their rubbish, it can and will have a long-term damaging effect on the environment, not to mention a costly impact.

James Weld continues: “as a privately-owned estate it is our responsibility to keep the landscape litter free. In order to do this, we employ beach cleaners and wardens to collect the rubbish, which in turn has to be taken away to refuse and recycling centres and that cost is also met by the estate.”

Among the items left have been inflatables, dirty nappies, left over picnics, bottles and plastic containers.

There is ever more momentum through the media to start looking after our planet and as an estate we are very keen to engage in this. On a local level, the estate is about to re-launch its ‘Litter Free Lulworth’ campaign, which hopes to educate visitors to be mindful of the impact their rubbish has on the local land and seascapes. It will also work with local businesses to see how we can work together to get the ‘Litter Free Lulworth’ message out.

On a county level the Litter Free Coast and Sea Campaign was launched several years ago to help communicate the economic, social and environmental impact of marine and beach litter along the Dorset and East Devon Jurassic Coast. Accommodation providers and outlets along this stretch of coast are being encouraged to display posters and stickers and local communities are encouraged to take part in activities to help combat beach and marine litter.

James Weld said “If we want our future generations to be able to enjoy Lulworth as we do today, we must start acting now to keep Lulworth litter free.”

Click here to find out more about the Litter Free Coast and Sea Campaign and look out for our Litter Free Lulworth campaign.