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Scientific Studies

Lulworth Rangers

Scientific Surveys

We welcome and encourage applications from individuals, corporate and educational establishments to conduct scientific research projects on the Lulworth Estate.

The geology, ecology and well-documented history of the coastal landscape and its human development make it an excellent place for research.

As this landscape has many statutory designations, including SSSIs, SAMs, AONB and World Heritage Site status, it is imperative that anyone seeking to conduct research here applies to us for a permit. Permits are tailored to each request but we will require: a title, hypothesis and proposed methodology. We also require that all results are sent to us together with any resulting publications.

Examples of research undertaken here include ‘The ecological niche of the Adonis Blue’, ‘Impacts of grazing regimes on grassland habitat quality’ and ‘Impacts of visitors to rocky shores’.

Successful applicants have included the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Oxford University, Southampton University, Bournemouth University, Natural England and Butterfly Conservation. In exceptional circumstances applicants may be offered access to the ecological long-term datasets collected from the Lulworth Grasslands Project. (link to ecology 16)

For further information please contact 01929 400155 or email: