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Wedding Set Up Questions

Lulworth Castle Weddings

Preparing For Your Lulworth Wedding

So that we can prepare the Castle for your Lulworth Wedding please let us know the answers to the following questions no later than one month prior to your big day.
We’ve included some helpful photos and information for you on this page but as always any additional questions do get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Please copy & paste the below questions and send with your answers to

Wedding Date:
Client Names:

Number of daytime guests:
Additional evening guests:

Who is your designated MC for making announcements & directing guests?

Please send a copy of your own PLI insurance policy (not less than £10,000,000) before your wedding day.

Deliveries & Set Up

The castle will be open from 9am on the Saturday for suppliers to access the venue, there will also be a set up window on the Friday between 10am and 4pm.
So that we can ensure the castle is open for you please let us know what time you plan to arrive?
Are we expecting any drinks deliveries from merchants (e.g., Majestic) or are you bringing everything yourselves?

Please confirm your suppliers and their contact details:
You must ensure your suppliers have a Public Liability Insurance policy of not less than £5,000,000 and have carried out a risk assessment.


Brides Car/Transport (Make/Model):
Any extras such as photo booths, casinos etc.?

Church Only Ceremony Details
Where are you marrying?
St Andrew’s Church / St Mary’s Chapel / Other venue
What time is your ceremony?
What time is your rehearsal?

Castle Civil Ceremony Details

What time is your civil ceremony?
Are you using the Saloon (up to 100) or Dining Room (100+ guests) ?
Would you like the aisle carpet?
Would you like to use the 4 x tall candelabras to dress the ceremony?
You’ll need to provide 24 6–8-inch pillar candles for these
Would you like the chairs in rows of 5 or 6 each side of the aisle?
(Dining Room ceremonies can only be 5’s)
Do you have musicians for the ceremony music?
Will you need the PA for ceremony music?
If you are providing the ceremony music, please create separate playlists titled Entrance, Signing and Exit (plus some waiting music if you wish) Tracks should be downloaded and any passcodes etc removed from your device.
Alternatively, you can send the Spotify playlists to and we’ll operate from our device for you.

After your Ceremony

A group photo on the front steps is recommended after the ceremony, confetti here is fine as long as its biodegradable (petals – fresh or dried).

Following this if the weather is fine the drinks reception can be on the Castle Lawn or in the Rose Garden (Spring – Autumn), which would you prefer?
Winter or wet weather drinks receptions will be in the castle evening room, if you are having a civil ceremony we’ll need a few minutes to clear the room

Are you having musicians for the drink’s reception?
There is a 3m x 3m gazebo on the lawn for them If needed.
There are lawn games available in the summer months and 4 sets of tables & chairs with a parasol umbrella each.

Your Timings

What time is your call for dinner?
Are your speeches before or after dinner?
What time are evening guests invited for?
What time is cake cutting?
Are you having a first dance and if so, what time is first dance?

Furniture & Equipment

Would you like to use one of our bar structures? White or Wood (see below)?
What tables will you require for the meal? (6ft rounds or 6ft trestle tables)

Would you like the easel(s) for your table plan?
We have 3  (2 matching and 1 old school easel)
Do you need any high chairs?
Would you like to use the 4 tall candelabras in dining area?
You’ll need to provide 24 6–8-inch pillar candles for these
Where would you like the cake table?
The Ante Room is popular – just outside of the Dining Room

Will you want to use the hand-held microphone for speeches?
Would you like to use the sword for cake cutting?
Will you require the disabled ramp to be installed between the two upper floors?
Are you hiring any additional furniture for the evening?

There will be 4x 4ft round tables plus 24 chairs on the dance floor for guests to sit  down and to put glassware on the tables
Would you like any specific flags?
We fly Dorset & Union Jack if nothing else is requested


All suppliers should collect any of their equipment at the end of the evening or between 7am and 10am on the Sunday.
All personal items, leftover drinks & cake should be collected from the Castle before 10am on the Sunday ready for us to open to visitors at 10.30am.

Any other comments

Anything else you wish to let us know about?

General Reminders
Lulworth requires you to have wedding insurance which includes Public Liability Cover of not less than £10,000,000
Lulworth do not permit drones within the castle grounds
Written permission is required for wedding photography at Lulworth Cove & Durdle Door, please request a permission letter at least 48 hours in advance for your photographer
Alcoholic shots are not permitted at the bar
Handheld Sparklers are not permitted anywhere on site
Confetti must be biodegradable and not dyed as this will stain fabrics and the castle stonework
If petals are being thrown on the aisle carpet they should be white only. If coloured is required, please use fake petals so as not to stain the carpet.
Be aware thin taper candles burn very quickly within the airy castle, all taper candles should be on a fireproof surface (glass disc/mirror plate) to ensure wax doesn’t soak into table linen
All other candles should be in fireproof holders (tealight holders)
Please make sure your suppliers are aware of the steps into the Castle particularly if bringing in heavy equipment
For winter weddings please remind your guests the Castle, whilst heated, can be draughty and colder in places
Please ensure your guests have booked their Taxis in advance for midnight as there will be limited availability on the night
Lulworth have a zero-tolerance policy to drugs, any guests found in possession will be asked to leave the premises immediately
Overnight parking is available free of charge at the Estate Office. No cars should be left at the Castle itself overnight. A parking steward is available on the day to direct guests when they arrive

Local Taxi Numbers
Purbeck Cabs – 01929 500604
Jurassic Cabs – 01929 5588119
K Bay – 01929 480669 / 07545 776716
Economy Taxi – 01929 400864 / 07949 522533
DK Cars – 01305 851600
Garrison Cars – 01929 463395 / 07774 453234
Devine Cars – 07730 418046
Purbeck Taxi Centre – 01929 556 575
PRC Streamline – 01202 373737 (Poole & Bournemouth)

Coach & Bus Hire

Heathside Travel 01202 892202

Useful Items & Photos

Table Layouts