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Lulworth Crumple & Stair Hole

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The Power Of Erosion Shaping Our Coastline

See how mother earth has created stunning land forms along the Jurassic Coast.

Explore Stair Hole & Lulworth Cove

Stair Hole lies just to the west of Lulworth Cove and is one of the best places to really understand how erosion is shaping the coast. By standing on the viewpoint, classic stages of erosion can easily be seen including; caves, blow-holes, arches, stacks and stumps.

Behind the eroding Portland Stone an embryonic cove is being formed which helps us to understand how Lulworth Cove probably looked 10,000 years ago.

On either side the Lulworth Crumple is very visible, revealing how once flat sedimentary beds have been lifted up, tilted and twisted to form amazing patterns. A carefully placed interpretation panel at the viewpoint helps to explain the site.