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The Five Rocks Of Lulworth

Lulworth Cove

Portland Stone

This fine-grained limestone is extremely tough and erodes very slowly. Fossils include ammonites, bivalves and snails.

Purbeck Beds

These beds are made from clays, shales, mudstones and limestones. Fossils include dinosaur footprints, crocodiles and fish.

Wealden Clay

These beds contain sands, marls and clays and erode very quickly. Fossils include water fleas, snails and lignite, which is a type of woody coal.


Formed entirely from layers of sandstone. Fossils include sea urchins and bivalves.


This is a very deep bed constructed from the remains of trillions of minute marine organisms.


Why is Lulworth such an awesome place to study geology and earth's history?