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Swimming & Snorkelling

Swimming is possible from all beaches except for Stair Hole. The bathing water consistently meets the highest standards set by the bathing water directive. Snorkelling is best at Lulworth Cove and Man O’War Bay where the rocky habitat hides a wealth of marine life. In addition to the interesting offshore habitats, a number of dive clubs use Lulworth for training.


Jump, climb, swim and traverse across 150 million years of earth's history on this family-friendly adventure with outdoor adventure specialists - Lulworth Outdoors.

Boats & Jetskis

Due to the restricted access, the launching of vessels is not permitted without prior arrangement. A 5 knot speed limit operates in Lulworth Cove. Moorings are available.

Be Safe in the Water

By their very nature coastlines can be dangerous with steep cliffs, steeply shelving beaches and currents. Please read the information on beaches, pay attention to local safety warnings and respect the water.