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Climbing at Lulworth

For the safety and environmental reasons given below climbing is NOT allowed on the Lulworth Estate coastline – this includes ‘tombstoning’. Although the cliffs at Lulworth look inviting for climbers there are several good reasons not to climb here:


  1. Climbing is not permitted on the Lulworth CoastClimbing can be dangerous for the public on the beach below
  2. Members of the public copy professional climbers, but without the right equipment and training they often become stuck on the cliffs and require Coastguard assistance
  3. Climbers remove loose rock and plants from the cliffs to make the climb ‘safer’.  This damages the cliff habitat which is protected by law
  4. Tombstoning into shallow water from Durdle Door arch has already resulted in life threatening injury – do not be the next

The Lulworth Estate thank you for respecting their decision not to allow climbing