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The Estate

Planned Closure Dates For Lulworth Castle

Lulworth Castle & Park

Castle Closures

The Castle & Park is typically open Sunday to Friday (Closed Saturdays) from Easter to December. It opens at 10.30am until 5pm, with last entry one hour before closing.

Lulworth Castle, Chapel and grounds are CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC on SATURDAYS.

There are additional occasions throughout the year when we close the Castle for events or alter the admission charges including the following days:
Sunday 28th May Castle Closed *
Friday 2nd June Castle Closed *
Wednesday 7th – Sunday 11th June Woodland walks & playground closed due to a clay pigeon shooting event
Wednesday 14th June Castle Closed*
Sunday 25th June Castle Closed *
Friday 30th June Castle Closed *
Friday 7th July Castle Closed *
Friday 14th July Castle Closed *
Sunday 17th – Friday 21st July Woodland Walks & Playground Closed
Sunday 23rd July – Wednesday 2nd August Castle & Park Closed (Camp Bestival)
Wednesday 9th August & Thursday 10th August Woodland Walks & Playground Closed
Friday 11th August Castle Closed *
Sunday 13th August Castle Closed *
Friday 18th August Castle Closed *
Friday 25th August Castle Closed *
Monday 28th August – Thursday 31st August Woodland Walks & Playground Closed
Friday 1st September Castle & Park Closed
Sunday 3rd September – Wednesday 13th September Castle & Park Closed (Bestival)
Friday 6th October Castle Closed *
Tuesday 24th October Castle Closed *
Wednesday 25th October – Saturday 28th October Lulworth Halloween Event (Event admission charges apply, English Heritage, HHA or Comp tickets not valid)
Sunday 29th October Castle Closed *

The Castle will close for the winter on Sunday 24th December 2017 until Sunday 4th March 2018

*On these occasions the Park will remain open for you to enjoy the woodland walks and children’s playground, car parking fees apply.

We apologise for any disappointment or inconvenience this may cause.